The admission procedure begins with registration, which in itself does not guarantee admission. Registration starts in February and continues till the third week of March every year. A registration form is available at school for completion by the parent or guardian. Prospectus is also provided at the time of registration. Fee is deposited at the designated bank or at school’s front office along with the completed registration form.

Registration will usually be done if it is thought probably that a vacancy may exist in the appropriate class at the expected time of admission. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse admission without assigning a reason.

Normal ages of pupils at the time of admission (Ages will be calculated @ 1st August)


Nursery (Montessori) 3.5 4+
Kindergarten 5+
I 6+
II 7+
III 8+
IV 9+
V 10+
VI 11+
VII 12+
VIII 13+
IX 14+
X 15+