TRS Franchise Step Forward

    School Opening Plan
Contact our sales and promotion team to work out the school opening plan. A prior appointment will be required to visit THE ROGHT SCHOOL head office.

Site Analysis
Sales and promotion team shall visit the area or site as requested by the potential client and submit a report for the suitability of the area and the building. However, the head office reserves the right to grant or hold the licence of the mentioned area based on the observation of the site.

Territory Reservation
Taking into the account the specification and fee, an Association Agreement is then to be signed for opening of the school, thus reserving your right to open THE RIGHT SCHOOL in the agreed area. However, the agreement should be signed well in advance the school is operative.

Set Up
After initialising and adhering to the Association Agreement, meetings with our authorised uniform vendors, book sellers, furniture vendors, etc shall take place.

Hiring of the trained faculty will be processed with the assistance and consent of the head office, well before the school becomes functional. The medium of information related to the staff requirement and other employees can be newspapers and other advertisement source as per feasible to the franchise.

Admissions & Training
THE RIGHT SCHOOL head office shal take in the admission campaign countrywide before the start of sessions while imparting he required training to the franchisees, Principals and the teachers.