Internal Assessment / Reporting

     A student’s academic progress is monitored in various ways: informally by the teacher’s observation, and more formally by assessment of class work, tests and examinations. We realize, however, that even the best designed tests and examinations are able to evaluate only limited areas of a student’s development, and we are, therefore, constantly looking for more effective ways to assess and report on the overall progress of students.

     We follow the portfolio assessment approach, which is a systematic, computerized album of growth and progress, demonstrating the student's efforts and achievements throughout the year within the framework of the curriculum. This enhances the assessment process because it reveals each student’s range of skills and competencies and allows the school to gear assessment to individual needs and goals.

     In all classes a progress report on each student is sent to parents at the end of each term. Parents are strongly advised to attend Parent-Teacher Meetings, where they can discuss all aspects of their child’s progress in more detail. When necessary, parents can meet teachers at other times too, but arrangements for such meetings are only made through the Principal or Head Teacher. Promotion

     The promotion depends on their overall performance throughout the year. In normal circumstances a student is promoted to the next class at the end of a school year after passing the annual examination. If a student’s progress and performance is unsatisfactory (for example, if they have failed twice to obtain promotion at the end of a school year), the student will be suspended from the school. The decision of the Head of the school will be final in these matters.