Admission Test

    An oral and written test is conducted. All students must take, and clear, an oral and written admission test to gain acceptance. There is no written test for pre-school. The admission test for primary, Middle and secondary school is based on the following subjects:

• KG & I - English, Urdu, Mathematics and General Knowledge (oral)

• Class II to VIII – English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science

• Class IX to X – English, Urdu, Mathematics, Bio, Phy and Chemistry

    The admission test is structured to fit on one to two pages with questions from all subjects and each paper is of 50 marks. The admission tests are prepared in accordance with the appropriate level for each class and are evaluated as per criteria.

    No other personnel except the designated invigilators are allowed at the time of the test. The invigilators provide guidance and support to the children during the test, if required.

    Admission results are announced within the same day. A successful test clearance is necessary before qualifying for an interview. The child and his/her parents are interviewed by the School Head (and possibly also by attending staff members).

    After clearing the admission test and the interview, the admission fee invoice is to be submitted at the school’s front office or designated bank to complete the admission process. Fee invoice is the first fee “challan form” which includes charges for a security deposit (refundable at the time of withdrawal only), admission fees, one or two month’s tuition fees (with your choice) and any other incidental charges. Methods of payment will be explained by the school office. When this procedure is complete the child’s name will be entered in the admission register and in online data base. And the child may join his/her class.